Monday, February 11, 2013

On Valentine's Day

I hate it.

I don't hate it because I've always been single on Valentine's Day and jealous of people that have significant others to share it with (though true story- I have never had a Valentine). I hate people's attitudes towards single folks like me on the rather pointless holiday. It's either a pitying attitude because we're "lonely" or an assumption that single on Valentine's automatically means bitter. I'm actually totally fine with the fact that I don't have a boyfriend this time of year. There's no pressure, and, let's be real here, I absolutely do not need a man to be complete in any way. I get it, love is important and special and it's nice to have a day celebrating it. At the moment, however, the love of my life is my Kindle.

What happened to elementary school when we made cute little mailboxes and passed out treats to the whole class? Let's go back to that. My box was always awesome and covered in stickers. And we got to eat about a thousand conversation hearts. That was the best. You gave one of those big cards that came in the box of Disney Princess valentines to your best friend and your teacher if you liked them. Boys were still icky. Though, I tried to tell my five-year-old cousin that boys were gross and she just shook her head "no."

So how am I spending my Valentine's Day? No, not burning Hallmark cards or posting a Facebook status condemning the holiday. It will be spent like any other day in college. I have a Biology test at five and a Women's Studies test Friday morning, so I get to study! Maybe I'll even pick up some discount conversation hearts on the fifteenth.

Love and hugs,
"Do small things with great love." -Mother Theresa 


  1. We'll be reunited on the fifteenth and you can be my valentine! Forget the beau!

  2. I hate Valentine's Day for the same reason. I'm actually passing out those cheesy little cards to all of my friends.