Monday, October 29, 2012

Easy Halloween Costumes

Happy almost Halloween, y'all! I just got back from a fantastic Georgia/Florida weekend in St. Simons, and all I have to say is GO DAWGS! I was so proud of my team for pulling out that win and our formerly struggling defense for not allowing the Gators to score a single touch down! After a loss to South Carolina and a struggle against Kentucky last week, no one thought we could win, but my babies sure proved them all wrong!
Enough about football though, it's time to look forward to Halloween on Wednesday. I haven't picked out my costume yet, but I have a few ideas for those of you like me that are going to have to throw something together last minute.
Halloween costumes

1. Sandy (at the end of Grease) | Pair some black leggings with a black, off-the-shoulder top, hoop earrings, and show-stopping red high heels for this look. Curl your hair and rock this look with confidence, and you're "bad" Sandy! I might just love this because Grease is one of my favorite movies.
2. Tom Cruise in Risky Business | This is my favorite idea for a costume ever because it costs no money and would be so comfortable. Just raid your guy friend's or brother's closet for a white button-down and boxers to wear with tube socks and sunglasses. Boom. Comfortable and cute without being too revealing.
3. Karen from Mean Girls | Though Karen rocks some rather risque lingerie, you can make this funny costume with a classier black dress with a silver ribbon tied around it and, of course, the mouse ears. This is what my roommate is wearing and she intends to walk around all night tell everyone, "I'm a mouse, duh!'

What are y'all dressing up as for Halloween?

Love and hugs,
"When you stop doing things for fun you might as well be dead." -Hemingway


  1. I love the Sandy costume the best. Plus you've got me singing "You're the one that I want," which is always a win :)

    1. I do too! I decided on my costume and I'm going with that, but I decided to wear a sign that says "Hurricane" and I'll be Hurricane Sandy! :)

  2. I got a great sparkle dress that i am wearing with boots and teased hair--dolly parton!

  3. Aww whtnaks for sharing these costume ideas. I think I'm gonna go for Karen Halloween costumes. That's pretty safe for me and for my shape (plus sized) LOL.

  4. wow, so nice, I would like to buy a cosplay costume for Halloween.

  5. i like the karen Halloween Costumes i think will fit to my sexy body haha...

  6. I like your style, nice Halloween Costumes ideas. Thanks for your sharing.