Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Top Ten iPhone Apps

Last Friday I traded in my old clunker Android phone for a new iPhone 4s! I am absolutely in love with it. #TeamiPhone all the way. I've spent so much time playing around with it and finding out which apps I can't live without. Besides the basics (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc), I can already tell that these top 10 are ones I will be using religiously. Plus, they're all free! (I'm way to cheap to shell out even .99)

Background courtesy of Carly over at The College Prepster :)

1. Evernote
I've been using the Mac app to take notes in for my classes this semester and I absolutely love it. It has such a clean and simple organization that auto-saves and automatically backs up your files. If you download the iPhone app, they automatically sync there too so you always have them with you! Lately I've started using this app as place to keep track of all of my lists. I have a "notebook" for my blog, so when I think of a good post idea, I just jot it down in Evernote and I have it saved on my laptop and phone! The other night I had a great idea for a post as I was about to fall asleep, and I just typed it into my Evernote app on my phone instead of forgetting about it. I cannot sing the praises of this app enough!

2. Shazam
Am I the only one that gets really bothered when I hear a song playing somewhere and I just can't put my finger on what it is? Just me? Ok, Shazam solves that problem! Just pull up the app and have it listen to a sample of the song that's playing and it will tell you the title and artist. No more arguing whether it's Billy Currington or Dierks Bentley that sings that song because you get them mixed up. Once again, am I the only one that does that?

3. Bejewled Blitz
I am addicted to this game. It's perfect for those little bits of time when I'm just sitting at the bus stop because one game is so fast. It's simple to learn and easy to play! I play Bejewled Blitz so much that I swear I see an ongoing game when I close my eyes at night.

4. Gas Buddy
Whoever came up with this was simply a genius. It takes your location and gives you the gas prices at the nearest gas stations! It's great way to find the cheapest gas around you.

5. ESPN Score Center
All the quick info about any current game in one app!  The "My Teams" feature allows me to keep up with my Dawgs with real time updating when I have to miss a game. I can also flip over to the NCAA Football tab to check all the scores for the day! I'm sure someone that's more sports obsessed than me would find this even more useful, because I doubt I'll be using it once football season is over.

6. IMDb
What I love about Shazam, this app does for movies. I watch a lot of movies, and I always feel the need to know what I've seen someone in when they look familiar. I can just whip out my phone and look up the cast! Then I get back to my movie without constantly wondering "Where have I seen them before?"

7. StudyBlue
I have sung StudyBlue's praises repeatedly on this blog. The iPhone app allows me to always have access to flashcards and other study materials for all of my classes in my pocket!

8. GroupMe
Though iPhone has a group messaging feature, this app is the best for communicating with those who don't have one. We used this at camp this summer to quickly give each other information without having to individually text a ton of people and relay it back. Even if someone doesn't have the app, it all shows up in one message thread.

9. Units Converter
Living in my apartment has been an adventure in cooking. Most of the time, the recipes I use serve a lot more than just the two I'm usually cooking for. This converter easily allows me to figure out just how much I need of a unit if I cut something in half and may not be able to exactly measure 3/8 of a tablespoon or forget for a minute how many cups are in a quart :)

10. The Weather Channel
I check this app every morning before I get dressed. It has the basic forecast for the day right on the first screen, and an hour-by-hour is only a swipe away. This is a necessity for unpredictable Georgia weather! No more getting caught in Norts when it's freezing or long-sleeves when it's hot.

What are the apps you can't live without?

Love and hugs,
"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." -Emerson


  1. Love Evernote! It is definitely super convenient!

    Sarah J.

  2. I didn't get my first iphone til right after I graduated but this total makes me wish i had it during school!

  3. I had an iPhone for a brief stint, I loved it so much, and my favorites included instagram and voxer.

  4. ok when i finally decide to leave the stone age with my basic of basic cellphones i will thank you for this recommendation of what apps to get when i finally get an iphone and join the 20th century

  5. Thanks for sharing Blake! I would definitely say Shazam, IMDB, Bejeweled Blitz and Gas Buddy are some of my top ten apps as well! Some of my other favorites include: Chase, DISH Remote Access, Pandora, Instagram and Pinterest. I could use any one of those for hours at a time too, especially when it comes to the second one. That app works with the Sling Adapter my friend I work with at DISH got me a few months ago allowing me to watch all of my favorite shows, live or off my DVR, anywhere I go in the world. It’s very nice to have so I don't have to miss any of my favorite shows anymore when I'm traveling for business. :)