Monday, September 3, 2012

No White After Labor Day?

Happy Labor Day to you all! I hope y'all are having a wonderful day off. Labor Day is supposed to mark the end of summer to most, and thus, the beginning of fall. With this said, I think that the "no white after Labor Day" rule is pointless.

There, I said it. I wear white after Labor Day.

I think I can feel the collective gasp through my computer, but I promise, my reasons are valid. While it may be the beginning of fall in some climates, I live in Georgia. I will be wearing shorts until mid-October most likely. I just looked at the forecast and it's supposed to be in the mid-eighties to nineties this week. Sounds a bit like summer to me!

Honestly though, the reason I'm sticking it to the man who's trying to tell me what colors to wear this year in particular (who made this rule anyway? Communists?) is because I just got a super cute pair of white jeans from The Loft and it's been too darn hot to even think about wearing long pants. Hence, I am rebelling, and will wear white after Labor Day.

These are way too cute to even think about not wearing.
So if there's a fashion rule that you think is dumb- break it! It's your style and no one else's.

Love and hugs,

"To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong." -Joseph Chilton Pearce


  1. SO true! I just bought those same white pants, hah! I live in Washington and so it sort of makes sense, it gets cold and we are all ready to put on sweaters fast around here, but if I end up going to Florida for the rest of the semester you best bet I will be wearing white like crazy.

  2. I hate that rule too! I try not to break it though, which means wearing it pretty much every single day the week before labor day. Love your blog!