Sunday, September 2, 2012

Procrastination Station

I have a confession. I am a HORRIBLE procrastinator. I have a terrible habit of putting of things until the last minute. I've been trying to combat this lately with a daily to-do list that keeps me on track and I am getting better! However, when the job at hand is just no fun, I manage to find a way to do everything except what I need to do. Here's just a few of my favorite time-wasters.

1. Pinterest: I adore this website but it seriously cuts into my productivity. What's not to love about a seemingly endless collection of crafts, fashion, recipes, quotes, and other creative inspiration? I still claim that my collection of teaching-related pins will help me more in my future career than my Weather and Climate homework. (Shameless plug- y'all should follow me!)

2. Crafting: This is probably a product of all my Pinterest stalking. I think painting a canvas or glittering a mason jar just sounds so much more fun than calculating a line of best fit. This is my latest project for our living room: a chevron canvas with my roommate's and my monograms that I hand painted!

3. Spotify: I know this seems like something I could put on in the background while I do my homework, but I get so distracted by looking for new music! I love music and am always looking for something different to listen to. I find a song I like, and then I have to explore the artist and their other albums, and then of course I have to download them, and listen to them, and then I repeat with a similar artist. It's a vicious cycle.

4. Blogging: I read a lot of blogs prior to starting this one. It's similar to my Pinterest obsession, but with words. Check out my new favorites sidebar! I also tend to plan blog entries when I'm procrastinating. I may or may not be procrastinating right now. Oops.

I'm willing to bet at least half of you are procrastinating right now! Don't be like me; use this as a quick break and get back to what you need to do! Or don't and explore what I use to procrastinate... :)

Love and hugs,

"Sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places."


  1. Love pinterest and love that canvas you created! I painted one of my favorite Lilly prints on an old cork board from my dorm last year and I am in love. Its so much fun to get to hang up your work as opposed to something you bought.

  2. Love the Canvas! You're so dang crafty! And if you're not on pinterest, you're talking to me on facebook.

    Love you!