Sunday, September 23, 2012

Study Essentials

Happy Sunday! Sundays are the days that I usually reserve for studying and doing homework. Right now I'm doing an excellent job of procrastinating and writing this blog post about study essentials!

Study Essentials

Study Blue: This website is my best friend when it's time to study for tests that include a lot of terms to memorize. You can create and share online flashcards organized by class and keep track of your progress. You can even find flashcards people in your same class already made. They also have an app for iPhone and Android so you can study on the go; I get to take advantage of time on the bus to study without worrying about carrying around a deck of flashcards!

G2 Breast Cancer Awareness Pens: I am absolutely obsessed with these pens. I can't imagine using any other kind. They write so smoothly, contribute to a great cause, and are such a cute shade of pink!

Vera Bradley Forget-Me-Nots: I (along with every other college blogger on the internet) love sticky notes. I just use boring old post-its right now, but I have my eye on these adorable Vera Bradley sticky notes. I love using them to make to-do lists, leave reminders to myself on my mirror, and mark important sections in my notes. To-lists are great when I'm studying because they keep me on track and make me feel less overwhelmed when I have everything listed out.

2012-2013 Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda Gimme Some Leg: My agenda never leaves my side. I use it to organize all my assignment dates, club meetings, appointments, and daily to-do lists (on the sticky notes :) ). I love the Lilly Pulitzer large agendas because they have enough room to write down details but isn't so big that it's cumbersome. 

Pandora: I can't ever study without a little music in the background! Pandora is great because you don't have to focus on changing the songs or waste time making a playlist (like I tend to do). My favorite stations to study to are Alabama Shakes and The Avett Brothers.

 Five Star® Style Wirebound Notebook: Five Star notebooks are a great stand-by that I've used since high school, and now they come in fun patterns! 

Love and hugs,
"You are too smart to be the only thing standing in your way." -Jennifer J. Freeman

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